October 17, 2011

Zombie Carnage: Support this New Zombie Movie

There's a new zombie film in development that needs your help, and look what they have to offer. Kung Fu zombies! Bloody gore! Red Dwarf's very own Graig Charles (aka. Dave Lister)

Zombie Carnage is a new film in the works from director Elom Bell. In Zombie Carnage, a film crew gets infected whilst filming zombies, so an unscrupulous producer decides to take zombie lemons and turn them into zombie lemon-aid by creating a game show where humans are pitted against the undead. The human contestants have to run through a course where 30 zombie hunters -- trained in martial arts -- lie in wait. Will any contestants get out alive? More importantly, will the ratings and merchandise sales be high enough to warrant a sequel? Only the strong survive Zombie Carnage.

I'm impressed by this proof-of-concept trailer. If you want to help make the full film a reality, please donate to the Zombie Carnage Indiegogo Campaign.

Stay up-to-date on all Zombie Carnage developments by following their Twitter account and zombie blog.