October 14, 2011

Zombies Return to Toronto After Dark - Get Your Tickets!

Need I remind you to get your tickets for Toronto After Dark Film Festival? We're only six days away from one of the most exciting genre film festivals in Toronto. Click here for the full schedule of films.

Of interest to zombie fanatics, there are three very exciting undead movies playing on the opening days of the festival. I've assembled all the screening information for you. Ain't I a nice guy?


7.00pm --  EXIT HUMANITY (Toronto Underground Cinema)

A young man finds himself battling a deadly zombie outbreak following the
American civil war. Costars cult icons Dee Wallace, Bill Mosely, Stephen
McHattie and Brian Cox $13


7.00pm --  DEADHEADS (Toronto Underground Cinema)

After they get turned into the undead, two forced-together friends embark on a
mad cap road trip adventure in this crowd-pleasing festival circuit hit zombie
comedy. $13, $11 Zombies


9.45pm -- WAR OF THE DEAD (Toronto Underground Cinema)

Thrilling World War II set zombie action film about a group of Allied soldiers sent
to investigate a secret Nazi bunker, only to find themselves under attack from an
unstoppable undead army! $13, $11 Zombies