November 2, 2011

The Dead Rise: Pictures from Hamilton Zombie Walk 2011

Oct 29th was the Fifth Annual Hamilton Zombie Walk and Charity Food Drive. The walk began at 2pm in Gore Park in Hamilton, ON before our horde of over 200 zombies shambled North on James Street and then West on York to historic Dundurn Castle. The night concluded at The Staircase Theatre with a crowd-pleasing screening of Dead Genesis and prize giveaways.

John Migliore (L) and I (R) pose in our zombie best
Last year, I was the organizer of the walk, but this October I took a step back in order to once again join the walk as a member of the Hamilton Horde. My costume was inspired by experiments I did a few years ago in using liquid latex and toilet paper to create a ghastly burned-to-the-crisp skin texture. Using a big bottle of liquid latex, a pre-bought mouth appliance, a roll of toilet paper, and a jacket I found abandoned outside a pub that I then torched in my back yard, I worked for two and a half hours to pull off my makeup. I was just one of many awesome undead who turned out for yet another great year of zombie appreciation.

Shot of my costume pre-touch up and before the next peeled away
Ronald McZombie
She put her eye out
Unhappy that my neck skin is peeling
Two generations of zombie
It`s a nice day for a blood wedding
A zombie from Dead Island shows off his two life bars
Brain Slug from Futurama
Wayne, one of our tireless Zombie Crossing Guards
Zombie Virus: Refreshing!
Zombie Mountie, eh
My friend in her Fido-inspired dress and collar
Zombie Nurse Courtney
Fido meets Charbroiled Zombie
Getting groovy with these hip greaser zombies
Wayne wins the big raffle prize of the night, a custom mask by MonsterMatt Patterson