November 29, 2011

Now Available in the US: Dead Genesis Special Edition DVD

Christmas has come early: the special edition DVD of the fantastic zombie film DEAD GENESIS is now available for order in America. Until now, it was only available in Canada. (click for my review)

As an added bonus, if you order the DVD before December 17th, you can get a second copy of the movie for half-price!

Dead Genesis, which screened in October to enthusiastic response at the 2011 Hamilton Zombie Walk, depicts The War on Dead through the eyes of a documentarian (Emily Alatalo) who travels with a rag-tag hunting pack that seeks out and exterminates hordes of the flesh eating undead.

The special edition of the DVD includes these features:
  • 2 audio commentaries from the filmmakers
  • “Eating Children” featurette
  • deleted scenes
  • bloopers

To see the movie I called one of the best independent zombie movies I've ever seen, visit