December 13, 2011

The Dead Mile: Create a Trailer Contest

Want to try your hand at creating a trailer for an exciting new zombie film?

The filmmakers behind The Dead Mile, a Canadian zombie movie set in Calgary, Alberta, want to give you the chance with their Dead Mile Trailer Contest!

For your chance to win, cut and assemble the provided B-roll footage into a creative and exciting trailer that goes right for the jugular. Here's some inspiration


For more information about the film, which is currently in pre-production, visit and follow the project on Facebook and Tumblr. Movie synopsis follows:
Zombie walks occur in most urban centres globally during October.  A Zombie Walk is an organized gathering of zombie fanatics who design elaborate zombie costumes and make-up, meet up to set out on a predetermined route, and act as both the infected …pre-zombie, and the reanimated … full on/nervous system shot/quest for living or freshly killed flesh/grunting/groaning/ lurching zombies. The Dead Mile unfolds at the annual zombie walk in Calgary.

Our hero Tyler is a nerdy zombie enthusiast. Tyler is “that guy” — fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse, should it occur.  Getting his ‘kit’ together for the Walk is the perfect way to play it cool though while getting closer to the lovely Krystle. Who doesn’t want to get dressed up, infected, and shamble around for an afternoon together? Tyler’s set to win Krystle’s heart while running interference with his fairly obnoxious best friend Johnny Boy and Tyler’s boss Kevin, who is a zombie purist and a douche to boot!

What Tyler doesn’t realize is that something has been incubating on Johnny Boy’s family farm.  On the way to the Walk, Johnny Boy bumps into a clever little pathogen and his friendship becomes more than infectious by the time he hits the streets.  What the crowds, 1000s deep — don’t realize is that this isn’t just the “best zombie walk ever” but that they are doomed by this vicious viral strain, it’s carriers, the infected, and the reanimated. Can Tyler navigate through the flesh-eating living dead, face Johnny Boy, keep Krystle close, and escape the Dead Mile?