January 27, 2012

The Goon Movie Not Dead -- Just Sitting Very Still

Reports announcing the death of The Goon movie are premature, according to The Goon creator Eric Powell who shot back on his blog yesterday against reports that David Fincher's adaptation of his undead-themed comic was dead in the water and out of money.

"Let me assure you we have not run out of money," writes Powell, "because we never had any money to run out of."

Claiming that David Fincher and Blur Studios still have the option for a CGI Goon film, Powell asserts that The Goon movie is still on the table and the parties involved are still actively seeking funding.

According to Powell and Paul Giamatti, Giamatti was misquoted in a recent IFC article claiming that the movie had run out of money. While the film has indeed not secured funding to start production, the project is still in the same design and scripting stage as it's been for the last few years. So it goes.

So, fear not Goon fans! If The Goon can find funding, we may very well still get a movie version of one of the funniest horror / crime comics to come down the pipe in a long time.

The Goon, published by Dark Horse Comics, stars a tough-as-nails criminal enforcer called The Goon and his sadistic pal Franky who must contend with zombies (aka. slack jaws) and a host of other weird and wild supernatural enemies including ghouls, mutants, skunk-apes, robots, and more.

For more information about The Goon, visit www.thegoon.com