January 27, 2012

THE GOON Movie on the Slow Train to Nowheresville

UPDATE: The Goon creator denies death of the movie project. Refutes misleading statements in the press 

Sad news out of Sundance today courtesy of IFC. Looks like David Fincher's movie adaptation of Eric Powell's The Goon comic might be as dead as the zombies that appear on the pages the acclaimed series from Dark Horse Comics.

Paul Giamatti, who was in line to voice the character of Franky in The Goon, spoke to IFC at Sundance while promoting John Dies at the End, the new film from Don Coscarelli (Phantasm). On the topic of The Goon's apparent demise, Giamatti said:
I have no idea what the hell happened. . . . I asked and no one knows. I guess they just ran out of money.
From the way Giamatti is quoted, it sounds like Fincher`s The Goon project is quite dead. As a fan of the comic series and the work of Eric Powell, I can`t help but feel like a great opportunity has been missed now that we won`t be seeing The Goon come to the big screen.

But who knows? Nothing is ever really dead in zombie-infested Hollywood. Maybe there's hope