January 5, 2012

Gorgeous and Gory - A Sexy New 2012 Zombie Calendar

If 2012 is truly going to bring the end of the world, I can't think of a better way to spend the end of days than with the sexy undead girls of  Gorgeous and Gory, the brand new zombie pin-up calendar.

Featuring 12 months of full-colour zombie pin-up models, Gorgeous and Gory not only provides you with a calendar to count down to the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but it might actually make you wish for the apocalypse to hurry up, especially if the zombie plague is going to bring us such undead vixens as seen in Gorgeous and Gory, such as the buxom and tattooed Mary Leigh (February) or Sarah (October), the blood-soaked babe from hell. Even the coldest corpse is bound to feel a sudden rush of warm blood while flipping through the pages of Gorgeous and Gory.

The gals of Gorgeous and Gory run the gamut from modern glamor to retro pin-up, but this is definitely a calendar favoring the rock-a-billy crowd that loves vintage clothing, burlesque, tattoos, and piercings. The settings are exceptional, alternating between urban decay and the martini bar aesthetic of the go-go 1950s, which was dominated by animal prints and red velvet. As for the models, each girl's ghoulish pallor is achieved with a combination of makeup effects and digital effects, although the digital effects sometimes have the habit of sometimes blurring the image.

When you order Gorgeous and Gory, each calendar is professionally printed on high quality, heavy grade, coated paper, and fastened together with an attractive metal binding. The new layout extends to a full 11” x 22” when opened. Date boxes have been incorporated into the design, allowing plenty of room for writing, planning, and scheduling.

Gorgeous and Gory is the brain child of Dead Flesh columnist and Zombie Walk facilitator Jessica Raj, collaborating with photographer Jason Meehan, Mariel Pietrykoski and designers Nefarious Bovine and Sean White.

For more, see www.gorgeousandgory.com