January 3, 2012

Lego Shaun of the Dead. "Yeah, boy!"

Shaun of the Dead is a modern zombie classic beloved by zombie fans around the world. Lego, the iconic building block franchise, is a classic toy beloved by children and adults. What happens when the two come together?

Flickr user Yatkuu offers us up a slice of fried gold with his brick-by-brick recreation of the Winchester Pub (in reality the the Duke Of Albany in New Cross) along with legofied versions of Shaun, Ed, Shaun's Mum, Liz, Dianne, and David ("I'm not a chartered accountant!")

I just have one thing to say in response:


If you admire Yatkuu's attention to details and reverence for the movie as much as I do, please vote for The Winchester Pup on CUUSOO. If it gets 10, 000 supporters, Lego will review the idea for a potentially real-life Lego set in the future. I don't have to tell you how cool that would be, do I?