January 17, 2012

Take a Post-Apocalyptic Tour of The Silent City

"It's a terrifying thing to outlive your own civilization."

The Silent City, a post-apocalyptic web series currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, takes place ten years after a zombie-related catastrophe pushes the human race to the edge of extinction. As hopelessness and isolation destroy what's left of the few remaining survivors, one man takes to the road with a determination to endure.

Shooting in the abandoned spaces of New York, filmmaker Rubidium Wu and his team are looking to create a powerful and beautiful web series to show "that smart, meaningful, soulful films don't have to be boring, and that zombie films don't have to be brainless."

Help The Silent City team accomplish their creative dream by directly funding the project through the Silent City Kickstarter Page. With plenty of rewards at all contribution levels -- including the chance to appear in the series as one of the undead in the Zombie Horde -- what do you have to lose?

Join me in contributing to The Silent City so that this remarkable-looking project will be seen and heard by zombie fans and post-apocalypse appreciators at large.

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