February 28, 2012

The 1000th Post - Thank You for Reading!

I've been writing The Zed Word - Zombie Blog since 2008, sharing my love of zombies with you - my fellow zombie fans and the rest of the world - for over three years. Today, however, marks a special milestone. This is (drum roll please) my 1000th post!

What can you expect for the next 1000?
  • More reviews! A zombie movie every week and more frequent book reviews
  • More articles! Original content and features exploring the fascination with zombies
  • More theme months! The return of themes like Hot Zombie Nights
  • More interviews! Conversations with creative minds in the zombie community
  • More contests! Giveaways and new monthly prizes for frequent post commenters!
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I'm drooling with anticipation for the next 1000 posts
On this, my 1000th post, I want to extend a very special "Thank You" to everyone who reads, comments, follows, submits movies and books for review, sponsors, or helps share and retweet my posts. That you care even one bit about what I have to say about zombie movies and zombie culture means a lot to me.

Finally, this 1000th post is dedicated to a key group of people and organizations that have continued to encourage me and provide me with opportunities to keep The Zed Word - Zombie Blog thriving through the good times and the bad. Check out these people without whom The Zed Word wouldn't be what it is today without their support and partnership.
Brother D and Miss Bren of Mail Order Zombie
Jennifer Emily and Jay Winger of Horror in the Hammer
All the organizers and volunteers of the Hamilton Zombie Walk
Kris Hadfield and MonsterMatt of Screamwave
Tony Faville, author of Avery Nolan: Private Dick of the Dead
Jonathan Maberry, author of Dead of Night 
Mega Zombie
Zombies Eat People
Buy Zombie
Coffin Nail Neil
Wayne Kotke
Scott and Tracy Morris of Disney Indiana
John Migliore
The Gothic Gourd Girl
Zombie portrait artist Rob Sacchetto
Tony Burgess, author of Pontypool Changes Everything
Katie Carman, director of Eat Me! 
Thomas Newman, director of Bong of the Dead  
Carlos Henriques and The Butcher Shop
Gorgeous & Gory
Anchor Bay
Quirk Books
Toronto After Dark
Toronto Zombie Walk
Dancap Productions
Barbara Ferguson
Bernadette Ryan of Artwaves
See you for post 2000!