February 9, 2012

Guerilla Zombie Film 'Walking Among the Dead' on DVD

Walking Among the Dead, the no budget independent zombie film I reviewed in September, is now available for purchase on DVD. 

Click here to order your copy now ($12.99 + S&H): http://bit.ly/buywatd

If you are interested in what two talented filmmakers can do with next to no budget and only the barest of resources, then check out Walking Among the Dead.

Press Release

No budget zombie epic

Walking Among the Dead
now available to own on DVD!

Click here to order your copy now ($12.99 + S&H): http://bit.ly/buywatd

Running time: 88 minutes

Special Features:
-full director commentary
-image gallery
-1 on 1 with poster boy Pat

Walking Among the Dead is the uncompromising spirit of guerrilla filmmaking, a raw adventure story shot in MiniDV. On the untamed frontier of digital cinema, She Died Productions plant their flag in the name of truly independent filmmaking with their first ragged outburst of a feature film.

Here is a movie made for die hard cult zombie aficionados. Blood, guts, home made effects, and a magnificent original score that draws you into a carefully crafted and uncomfortably real survival scenario. The cinematography evokes underground VHS horror classics of the 80's but goes a step further, using a tiny camcorder to capture creative angles that would be impossible to achieve with larger equipment.

Mickey Cardoni and Ionas von Zezschwitz created the movie they wanted to see, with pure passion and a meticulous eye for their primitive vision: a backyard film with balls!

Over four years in the making, WALKING AMONG THE DEAD stands as a testament to artistic conviction and dogged determination. During the course of production all over Southern Ontario, the crew has been ejected from locations, hunted in the woods, confronted at their place of work, and even had loaded shotguns pointed at them by the local police. Despite the many near-catastrophic run-ins with the authorities, She Died Productions managed to remain one step ahead long enough to complete production.