February 13, 2012

Saddle up for DEADSVILLE: New Indie Zombie Western

Grab your sixshooter and aim for the head in Deadsville, the upcoming zombie western from indie virtuoso Thomas Newman.

Newman, whose last film Bong of the Dead was a triumph of independent film-making (review), is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund his next project: an independently-financed featurette shot in 3D and set in the Wild West.....with zombies.


1859 - Arizona - Wild West. When the town of Famine falls into financial hard times, the town’s folk commit an unthinkable crime. A tribe is massacred and an Indian is unfairly murdered for a crime he didn't commit. Later he's resurrected as a zombie and unleashed on the town to avenge not only his death but a legacy of murder against the native people. During an epic finale battle sequence, hundreds of zombie Indians on horseback take the town by storm in a gory, western-style battle to the finish. When Justice fails...evil prevails!

To make Deadsville a feature-length film, Newman is first raising funds to shoot a featurette that will entice more investors. To help the project, check out this video showcasing Newman and his team's skills and vision, then contribute some funds to the making of Deadsville