February 9, 2012

Zompire Vixens from Pluto

I like zombies. I like vampires. I love vixens! Therefore, colour me intrigued by Zompire Vixens from Pluto, a web-series in the making from filmmaker Jenna Payne - jennapayne.com

Zompire Vixens from Pluto, Jenna tells me, will be a series in the vein of Ed Wood movies and Technicolor/B-movie spectacles. According to Payne, "Foxy zombie/vampire hybrids attack Brooklyn in retaliation for the declassification of Pluto as a planet, which renders them ineligible for intergalactic aid. Zompires are suave (like vampires!) but forgetful (zombies!). They eat brainstems to survive and are unable to heal themselves."

Sounds great! I'd watch it. Stay tuned to jennapayne.com and the Zompire Youtube Channel for future undead alien vixen content.