March 21, 2012

RinkGear's Custom ZOMBIE JERESEY (Review)

Over the last few months, you may have seen me talk about RinkGear's customizable Zombie Hockey Jerseys that were going up for sale. Well, the jerseys have now shipped and mine came in the mail the other day. Let's see how it looks!

Zombie Jersey from
RinkGear's zombie jersey comes in black with accents of a zombie-appropriate teal-green, bold white striping, and a dripping blood design that runs down the shoulders and arms. The jersey logo features an eye-dangling zombie and is definitely head-turning.

The back and arms of the jersey are where the real customization comes into play. RinkGear offered those who ordered this customizable jersey a custom name and number. Now playing for the Columbia Zombies, player #11, THE ZED WORD!

Overall, I'm very happy with my RinkGear custom jersey. It's extremely comfortable and warm, so much so that I wore it all weekend and even took it out to the pub on St. Patrick's Days. While out, I got a lot of attention. I could tell people were looking over at me in the pub to check out my jersey.

Honestly, I didn't know if I'd like the maroon-coloured blood from the pictures that I saw, but in person it's quite striking. Unlike a bright red blood, this maroon blood design won't fade as quickly as brighter colours. I'm also worried about some of the stitching around the logo coming loose, but after an active weekend of constant wear, the jersey is still good as new.

I'm no hockey player, so  I've never worn a jersey as an everyday item of clothing before, but I can see myself getting a lot of daily mileage out of RinkGear's Zombie Jersey.

RinkGear routinely offers orders for other geeky-themed jerseys, so stay tuned for future orders at