March 19, 2012

Want to Battle Zombies in a Real UK Shopping Mall? is looking to make all your Dawn of the Dead and Dead Rising wishes come true by giving you the opportunity to fight zombies in a real UK shopping mall!

Zombies looking for some deadly deals
The catch? The mall is set to be demolished very soon, the zombies are actors in "movie-quality" makeup, and all weapons are airsoft. But still, that sounds pretty awesome. is booking tickets for a zombie experience like no other. For £119.00, promises you 3+ hours of zombie-killing action inside a soon-to-be-leveled shopping centre in Reading, UK (only a 25-minute train from London). Equipped with airsoft weapons provided on the day, you'll immerse yourself in a physical fight-or-flight zombie bashing spree. According to the event page:
"[Y]ou and your team will be depleting the zombie population with full Bronson-style perspicacity. Using state of the art special effects and large, blood-inducing props you’ll tackle a series of computer game like missions in a full-on 'run and gun' gore fest."
I hate window shoppers!
 Sound good, UK readers? Well you better get your tickets soon! The deserted shopping mall is set for demolition, and can only take bookings while the building still stands. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see how you'd fare against the shopping undead.

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