March 28, 2012

Zombie Christians Pray for the Apocalypse in "Born Again"

It never struck me until after watching director Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen's short zombie film "Born Again" ("De Genfødte") that religious fanatics obsessed with the end of the world have a great deal in common with the undead. When you live your life waiting for the end of the world, how alive can you really be?

"Born Again" is a charming and slyly satirical short film about a family of hardcore Christians who believe that a second biblical flood will soon destroy the world -- but the family doesn't seem to realize that they're already dead.

Born Again / De Genfødte from Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen on Vimeo.

The whole short could play without zombies and still be as well-acted and kooky, but adding the zombie element puts the satire on a visual level and adds visual gags that wouldn't otherwise be present.

I wonder if these zombie Christians believe that Jesus Saves........the Undead from Headshots.