April 5, 2012

Brain Picking: Interview with Ollie Mongo

INTERVIEW with Ollie Mongo
(Zombie Chaser)

Every once and a while, I like to fire up the old time-machine and look far, far into the future. 

This time, I looked into the future world of 2210 where the zombie apocalypse has come and gone and now humans and zombies live in a shaky co-existence. Laws forbid zombies from eating meat, but not all zombies like to play by the rules. Thankfully, the outlaw zombies of New Jersey are kept in check by Ollie Mongo, a half-human / half-zombie teenager who thwarts zombie chaos with his skateboard and special powers as part of the anonymous Zombie Chasers.

I established contact with Ollie Mongo to find out more about the year 2210 and why he risks his skin to keep humans safe from zombies. 

ZED WORD: First off, you're a zombie sympathetic to humans. How does that happen?

OLLIE MONGO: Hey Zed Word! Thanks for the rad questions! It’s true, Zombies and Humanoids mix like oil an’ water. By some twist of fate, I was born half-zombie / half-human. I’ve got this ZH Chromosome that makes me different an’ I can get along with Humanoids. Oh ya… my adopted parents are Human. My dad’s the Jersey State Sudoku Champion and also a Zomtologist at the Zombie Institute (for him the job’s a no Braaaaiiiiiner). My mom’s a Social Worker at the “Feel Alive Clinic for Zombies.” I guess you could say they're do gooders.

ZW: What's the world like in 2210?

OM: Well, ya know that movie Twilight? It’s nothin’ like that! No Werewolves or Vampires…just ZOMBIES! Everything’s pretty grey since the Apocalypse when 40% of Earth’s population turned Zombie. Things fell into chaos and shambles. See, there’s Slow Zombies, Fast Zombies, Mountain Hillbilly Zombies and lots o’ other clans. Congress passed the Zombie Act to rehabilitate them. They're a bunch o’ Bullies! My best friend Yuki and I disguise ourselves at night and stop Zombie mayhem. Basically, we kick Zombie butt!

ZW: What does Ollie Mongo do for fun?

OM: Besides updating my daily log in for my Zombie Ant Farm studies on reproductive behavior, I Skateboard man…and skate some more! You can usually find me on the ramps at the Devil Double Dare Skate Park in Asbury Park, NJ. I love doing flip tricks, hitting up rails and showing off crazy stunts with my friends Yuki and Wizard. I’m always signin’ up for competitions…ya know, Eye o’ the Tiger ;)

ZW: Zombies aren't especially known for their agility, so how do you manage to be such an awesome skater?

OM: Dude, it’s the ZH gene! The truth is… it gives me some strange Supernatural Powers. The story goes… I walked at 6 months, then hopped on a skateboard at a year old in my diapers and took off like the wind (and also broke wind, but that’s a another story). My dad had to get in his car and chase me a mile for a diaper change.

ZW: Is there anything else you can do that other humans and zombies can't?

OM: Yep, thanks to one weird emerging Supernatural Power. I can hear Human and Zombie thoughts Telepathically, but just in fragments! It’s half the story and the rest is a guessing game! It’s so annoying, like reading a book and only understanding every other sentence… FAIL!

ZW: Any last words of advice or warning for us here in the year 2012?

Yep, stop watching “Jersey Shore”! It’s worse than the Apocalypse.

Find out more about Ollie Mongo and his Adventures in the Apocalypse on Facebook: www.facebook.com/olliemongo