April 26, 2012



A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

Director: Casey Walker

4 / 5 zedheads


A Little Bit Zombie,  the new zombie comedy from director Casey Walker, is more than a little bit funny. It's a lot funny. Simultaneously tickling the funny bone as it teases the gag reflex, A Little Bit Zombie is outrageously grotesque, rude, and one of the freshest zombie comedies to come along in a while.

A Little Bit Zombie opens from the POV of a mosquito infected with zombie blood as it hones in on its target: the too-nice-to-be-believed Steve (Kristopher Turner). Steve's a Conflict Resolution HR manager out for a weekend at the cabin with his agenda-obsessed fiancĂ©e Tina (Crystal Lowe). Along for the weekend is Steve's politically-incorrect best friend Craig (Shawn Roberts) and Steve's combative sister Sarah (Kristen Hager). Steve's doing his best to keep the group on speaking terms, but his sister hates the guts of his bride-to-be, and Craig won't stop busting his balls about Tina's anal-retentive obsession with scheduling every minute of the weekend in her frilly agenda book.

Things get bloody and funny in this cabin in the woods
Things go from bad to worse after Steve is bitten by the zombie mosquito and becomes just a little bit zombie -- a human/zombie hybrid who retains his thoughts and personality but is crippled by an undying hunger for brains and a slight case of decay. Soon, Steve has a unstable zombie hunter (Stephen McHattie) tracking him down, and there isn't much hope negotiating with a man who operates under the motto, "The only good zombie is a dead zombie."

Stephen McHattie: From Shock Jock in Pontypool to Crack Shot in A Little Bit Zombie

A Little Bit Zombie is a fun ride that juggles different forms of humour: slapstick, gross-out humour, word play, irony, blunders, parody, and homages to films like Evil Dead 2. They're all thrown in the blender with a little bit of zombie juice for lubrication, and it's as delicious as the brains the zombies crave. In this blend of comedy with a uniquely Canadian taste, the cast gives a great turn. McHattie is a standout character as a gruff mercenary with an insatiable love for Tactical Bacon. In addition, veteran Canadian actor George Buza has a hilarious supporting role as Captain Cletus, a black market butcher and brain-obsessed gourmand who Steve seeks out to satiate his cerebral cravings

Tired of Hunger Games? Eat brains!
If you're wary of zombie comedies, I would still recommend A Little Bit Zombie. You're bound to find something to like. The cast is great, the effects and jokes are spot-on, and -- except for the fact that one character tries to pass of a cheap plasma globe as piece of ancient technology -- the movie never feels low-budget or half-baked. A Little Bit Zombie is all good!

A Little Bit Zombie had its Toronto premiere on March 31 at the Canadian Film Fest and won Best Feature prize at the closing of the festival. The co-writers, Trevor Martin and Christopher Bond, have since been tapped to work on Nictophobia Film's Night of the Living Dead Live. If A Little Bit Zombie is any indication, Night of the Living Dead Live is going to be one hell of a zombie experience.