April 17, 2012

Romero, Streiner, and Russo to Executive Produce NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE

Back in April 2011, we reported that Nictophobia Films was launching a stage adaptation of Night of the Living Dead in Hamilton, ON. The website launched soon afterwards, but then news dried up. Was the project dead? Far from it. Chris Harrison and Phil Pattison of Nictophobia were on-hand at Shock Stock to drop an exciting bombshell on all us zombie fans.

Night of the Living Dead Live will be launching in Toronto for 2013 with full support from George A. Romero, Russ Streiner, and John A. Russo!

Yes, it's true. The original creative team from Night of the Living Dead will be executive producing the project, making Night of the Living Dead Live the OFFICIAL stage production of the film.

 And that's not all. Producers Harrison, Pattison, and Chris Janik have lined up an impressive roster of creative minds with horror and comedy chops to bring this landmark zombie film to the stage. Tapped to direct the production is Chris Bond (director of Evil Dead: The Musical; co-writer of A Little Bit Zombie) from a script by co-writers Trevor Martin (A Little Bit Zombie) and Dale Boyer. Carlos Henriques of The Butcher Shop will provide special makeup effects.

Nictophobia Films Booth at Shock Stock 2012
Although it's too bad that Night of the Living Dead Live has grown beyond Hamilton, I am incredibly excited to see the involvement of these legendary and up-and-coming horror creators.

Knowing Chris Harrison and Phil Pattison as fans of horror, I can say with supreme confidence that they're committed to nothing less than delivering the biggest and the best adaptation of Night of the Living Dead as humanly possible.