April 3, 2012

SHOCK STOCK: The Don't-Miss Horror Convention of the Year

SHOCK STOCK is back for another year of subculture celebration. It's the don't-miss convention of the year!

If you're a fan of the shocking, the bizarre, the weird, and the scandalously sleazy, then you've found your home away from home at Shock Stock 2012 with your fellow fans and the folks of Vagrancy Films (London, ON: April 13th through 15th). Tickets are on sale now

And what inspired Jake W. Grimbro (aka. Jacob Windatt) and James Bialkowski of Vagrancy films to start up Shock Stock and bring it back for another year?

"Shock Stock was not so much inspired as it was demanded," Jake says (and I call him by his first name because I think he'd kick my ass if I started up with the Mr. Grimbro shit). 

 And demand we did! What began last year as a fan-driven celebration of horror and exploitation has exploded this year into an even bigger event. With this year's headlining guests including Claudio Simonetti of the band GOBLIN, Bobby Rhodes and Geretta Geretta of DEMONS, and punky alt porn producer Joanna Angel of BURNING ANGEL, you have no excuse for missing Shock Stock 2012.

Shock Stock is proving to be quite the unique show. Where else are you going to see Claudio Simonetti and fellow Goblin bandmate Maurizio Guarini perform classic horror themes from the films of Dario Argento  live in concert while, at the same event, tattooed porn star Joanna Angel performs a special "Zombi Strip Tease"?

Clearly, Shock Stock is unique, yet despite the buzz about this year's show and the positive response from last year's convention, Jake and James haven't let it go to their heads.

"I am not going to do a fucking thing differently than I've ever done," Jake says. "I'm still a wonderful, charismatic, and approachable human being. James is still a creep and a fast talker." James could not be reached for comment; he's currently hunting Bigfoot in Algonquin Park with Hawn Isali.

It's certainly the raucous fans of exploitation and horror who take the front seat at Shock Stock. Compared to other conventions where the interference of corporate interest has been known to water-down the fun, the best interest of the fans seems foremost on the minds of the show's organizers.

"James and I used to work at another Canadian 'fan show'," Jake notes, "and we'd bring our Vagrant sensibilities with us (at Vagrancy Films screenings here in London we encourage sociability and fun in a movie theatre... no strangers, no holds barred, no refunds!). We firmly believe that a convention, no matter what the size or scope, should be fan-driven. No corporate step ins, no douchebaggery, and no compromises."

Shock Stock is also not a convention that shies away from controversy or controversial guests, such as Bill Zebub, the self-titled King of the B movies and director of films like Jesus the Total Douchebag, Antfarm Dickhole, and Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist.

"If someone is offended by ANYTHING in a fictional movie these days they better stick to blogging on the internet or they can go occupy a park somewhere in a paper hut," Jake responds. "Sure, guys like Bill Zebub make movies with edge or movies that some people may not associate with, but that's an issue of taste. . . . Bill is an uncompromising filmmaker and he is one of the reasons why we do Shock Stock...because someone like Bill who doesn't fall into the mainstream or kiss the media's ass to get attention needs an avenue to reach his fans. . . so if some people don't like it, too fucking bad. There's some people that do, and those people should have an equal opportunity to celebrate the things they love as well. As long as we all find the happy medium."

For the organizer's unbridled enthusiasm and for Shock Stock's unique program that is completely unlike any other convention in Canada, Shock Stock is hands-down the don't-miss convention of the year.

For more information and tickets, visit www.shock-stock.com