May 25, 2012

Can You Outlast, Outrun, and Survive to be the Ultimate Zombie Warrior?

Think you have what it takes to survive a grueling 5K obstacle course ridden with zombies?

Then you might just have what it takes to survive the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE WARRIOR obstacle course run taking place Sept 1 at the Ch√Ęteau de Pique Winery in Seymour, IN.

The Ultimate Zombie Warrior course offers military-inspired obstacles designed to test your endurance, strength, and stamina. Not only do you have to dodge aggressive zombies along the way who want to infect you (i.e. take your flag) and take you out of the race, but after each wave begins, you will also be pursued by "Chaser Zombies" that will hunt you all the way to the end of the course.

Surviving the course is one thing, but if you want to walk away with the title of ULTIMATE ZOMBIE WARRIOR, you will have to be the first from your wave to cross the finish line with at least one flag. Then you will compete against the other 15 top finalists and try to survive with 16 of the toughest "Chaser Zombies" on your tail.

Sound too grueling? Then why not come as a spectator or vendor? There will be plenty to see and do besides running for your lives at the Ultimate Zombie Warrior. Come for the race but stay for the live entertainment, vendors, after-party, and camping.

To register for the Ultimate Zombie Warrior or get your spectator tickets, visit