May 1, 2012

DEZOMBIFIERS: The T-Shirt that Spawned a Story

It's not often that a t-shirt inspires a serialized zombie fiction series, but it's happened with DeZombifiers, or perhaps it was the other way around.

Steve and Noel, partners in the t-shirt business Try This On For Size, have been offering a really awesome DeZombifiers t-shirt for some time (and it's currently on sale for only $6.00). I own one and wear it often. On the front is a crossed pair of chainsaws while the back displays an average human's nutritional information. After all, if you aren't going to kill a zombie, then you're going to be food anyway.

Now the shirt has been expanded into an ongoing story over at; however, in reality, the idea for a "DeZombifier" zombie story has been in the works for awhile. According to the website:
The idea was conceptualized in early 2008, a few years after Noel badgered Steve with the idea of "writing a book" would translate into "easy cash". Noel wrote the original drafts as his zombie knowledge bests Steves. As a recurring theme throughout their friendship Noel wanted Steve to help so if the idea flopped, Noel wouldn't be solely responsible. However, should it succeed, Noel would be solely responsible.
If you want to read the ongoing adventures of the DeZombifiers, or get a really kick ass t-shirt, check out