May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You: ZOMBIE WARS

Today is Star Wars Day.

Across the internet geeks and sci-fi fans are exclaiming, "May the Fourth Be With You!" Since The Zed Word is a zombie blog, I thought I'd celebrate both my love of Star Wars and zombies by highlighting the ZOMBIE WARS t-shirt from Fright Rags.

Back in March when I was at Horror Hound in Columbus, I picked up this awesome Zombie Wars t-shirt for myself. Spoofing the iconic poster art for Star Wars: A New Hope, this Fright Rags shirt is a comfortable marriage of two geek loves: the undead and all those Jedi, smugglers, Wookies, and Ewoks living in a galaxy far, far away.

As of this posting, this shirt is still available at It retails for $21.95, and you can even get it as a zippered hoodie.

This is the t-shirt you were looking for.....