May 8, 2012

Support Zombie-Based Learning: Geography Education for the Apocalypse

David Hunter, a teacher and curriculum designer for video game companies in Seattle, is taking teaching to the next level with an engaging project called Zombie-Based Learning

The Goal:

Produce a lesson plan and learning materials to teach children geographic concepts using a zombie apocalypse narrative to engage young learners in an interactive and rewarding way.

Your Role:

David Hunter needs only $5000 to fund Zombie-Based Learning and create a free lesson plan for educators and, eventually, release it to the public. He's raising funds through KickStarter until June 1st.

As a former educator at the college level, I know the importance of engaging students while they're young and getting them interested in learning. I saw wave after wave of adult students pass through college with no drive, no interest, and a severe lack of education skills. I hate to say it, but many of them passed through college like zombies themselves. It was simply too late for most to have a love of learning sparked within them.

David Hunter's Zombie-Based Learning, however, is the kind of project that could inspire kids to love learning and help them learn in a way that is project-driven instead of test-driven.
How the Zombie-Based Learning Narrative is structured

The narrative is what leads the learner through scenarios in the zombie apocalypse where geographic skills will need to be applied. This narrative has 5 different scenes:

Planning for the Outbreak
    • News of a zombie-like outbreak has reached your community. You are helping to plan in case the outbreak reaches your area.
Post Outbreak Survival
    • The outbreak has reached your area and chaos has followed. You use your skills to just try and survive and find other survivors.
Finding a Place to Settle
    • Through surviving you have met with other survivors, now you are trying to decide upon a safe place 
Building a Community
    • With your group of survivors, you make decisions to build a safe and sustainable community.
Planning for the Future
    • Based on what you know about Geography, and based on a knowledge of the past, your community makes long term plans for survival and rebuilding a life.
If you love zombies, if you wished you could have studied zombies in your school as a kid, or if you have a kid currently in school, please support Zombie-Based Learning by contributing the project today.