May 1, 2012

What Would Zombies Do? Find out in BRAINS #2 [Free Download]

The second installment of my column "What Would Zombies Do?" appears in the new issue of BRAINS magazine from Zombies Eat People

In "What Would Zombies Do?" I explain how acting like a zombie improves all number of awkward and frustrating social situations. Last issue, I explained how acting like a zombie at the movie theatre will take care all those pesky talkers and texters.

Now, in BRAINS #2, I take a look at the horrifying experience of going to All-You-Can-Eat Buffets. How do you put up with all the pushy, greedy, fat, and obnoxious self-entitled animals who come out to stuff their faces?

Find out by reading "What Would Zombies Do?: Buffet of the Dead" in Brains #2.