June 27, 2012

THE REVENANT Coming to VOD, Theatres, and DVD in the US

Finally! After waiting four years for Kerry Prior's The Revenant to come out in North America, the Hollywood Reporter reported yesterday that the film (which is already available in the UK on DVD and Bluray) will be released in the US through Lightning Entertainment and Paladin this August.

In my 2009 review, I called The Revenant "the Re-Animator of this decade," and it's been a shame that it's taken so long for the movie to finally make its way to a wider audience of horror and zombie fans. 

The Revenant is a horror movie/buddy comedy about Joey and his undead friend Bart who comes back from the dead as a revenant: an articulate zombie that needs to drink blood to prevent the decomposition of his body.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, you'll be able to see this fantastically outrageous horror comedy in one of the following ways:
  • a limited theatrical run in 10 markets in August
  • same day release on ultra VOD
  • later, on DVD through Lionsgate
As soon as I find out more details, I'll post them right here on The Zed Word. Stay tuned!