June 26, 2012

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Buy a Lighthouse!


Guides and beacons of safety to sailors in troubled waters. But should the zombie apocalypse arise, could a lighthouse make for a strong hold good enough to live out a plague of the undead?

According to a recent post by The Apocalyptic Lawyer, the US government is selling lighthouses that could provide one proactive survivalist a very isolated and secure home.

Read more about light houses for sale at auction on The Apocalyptic Lawyer.

Of course, the success of a lighthouse all depends on zombies hating water, and I have to disagree with The Apocalyptic Lawyer when he writes, "It's a fairly recognized fact that zombies hate water." Movies like Land of the Dead, Zombi, and more shows us otherwise.

If zombies hated water, how could we have zombie vs. shark?