June 27, 2012



What Happened to Rhodri

by Craig Jones

TWB Press: 2011


3 / 5 zedheads

The short story "What Happened to Rhrodri" reminds me a lot of 80s slasher movies or episodes of Tales from the Crypt. It's not necessarily deep or inventive, but I'll be damned if its adherence to conventions isn't in and of itself quite satisfying.

Written by Craig Jones and currently being sold for the Kindle on Amazon, "What Happened to Rhodri" is the story of a man betrayed. Rhodri attempts to buy his dream house, but he finds that his wife/girlfriend has given much of the money away to her delinquent brother Ross. When Rhodri goes to Ross to convince him to repay the loan, Rhodri finds himself six feet under. Of course, since this is a zombie blog after all, I bet you can tell he doesn't stay that way for long.

"What Happened to Rhodri" is a light read that follows every beat you'd expect it to hit. The characters are stock, and the while the pacing drags as Rhodri comes to terms with his undead state, things start to pick up as he consummates his bloody, cannibalistic revenge. Everything's wrapped up in the end with the requisite pathos.

Certainly, "What Happened to Rhodri" makes for fun, light summer reading, but while it handles its formula competently, it doesn't rise above the conventions of the undead revenge story we've seen before.

Find more of Craig Jones's work at his official website: http://www.craigjoneshorror.co.uk/