August 30, 2012


With only two days left in our Sexy Zombie Photo Contest, our newest contest is ready to school the competition.

Sit up straight, take notes, and give up your brains for Amy!

"I'm Amy - before I was undead I liked to run, tutor English and Spanish, coach gymnastics, bar-tend, and occasionally drink like a bartender. My real job was pushing papers in a government office, though it took me several fluorescent-lit years of being exposed to them 9-5 to realize that all my office-mates were not, as I had assumed, simply engineers with amusingly poor locomotive biomechanics and exceedingly poor social graces. They were all actually zombies!

Since a fateful encounter with my boss in a stairwell, wherein I was unable to defend myself with the stack of memos and stapler I was carrying (if only I had loaded the stapler with one more strip of chisel-point staples before leaving the photocopier!), I've really enjoyed sitting in my cubicle, staring at my computer screen, clicking on depressingly trite FWD emails with photos of kittens, and awkwardly shuffling past my coworkers with only a grunt of greeting and without making eye contact. Aside from kind of ending it, becoming a zombie has completely changed my life  - I really fit in here now!"

If Amy wins our second annual Sexy Zombie Photo Contest, she'll walk away with bragging rights as 2012's SEXIEST FEMALE ZOMBIE and an awesome zombie prize pack including free admission to SHOCK STOCK: Canada's Filthiest Horror Convention in 2013, some horror magnets courtesy of The Butcher Shop, and a DVD copy of A Little Bit Zombie or Juan of the Dead!