August 1, 2012

Experience Zombie Sex-Ploitation During Hot Zombie Nights

Welcome to the official kick-off for The Zed Word's 2012 edition of  HOT ZOMBIE NIGHTS!

Started last August, Hot Zombie Nights is a month-long look at the sleazy and sexy side of zombies. Despite the mainstreaming of zombies thanks to popular media such as AMC's The Walking Dead, there still remains a sinful and taboo aspect to zombie horror firmly rooted in the muck of the cultural underground that even fans of the genre are hesitant to explore:

zombie sexploitation
[zämbē seksploiˈtāSHən]

noun Informal
the exploitation of zombies and sex in films, magazines, etc.
Yes, zombie sexploitation is a real thing. Last August, we discovered zombie pornography, a risque foreign film featuring zombie nudity and oral horror, a documentary obsessed with undead babes, and zombies with a penchant for stripping. Not to mention zombie pinups! And we only began to scratch the surface on a wealth of filthy, cheeky, disturbing, funny, disgusting, and sometimes downright baffling zombie sexploitation media.

That's why, with the hot steamy weather of August upon us, we devote this month to a stiff and hard look at our zombie-obsessed culture's ongoing love affair with sex and death. Check back every day for new zombie sexploitation content including the return of our SEXY ZOMBIE PHOTO CONTEST!