August 29, 2012

Meet the Judges: Gothic Gourd Girl (Sexy Zombie Contest)

Looking for advice on what it takes to win our Sexy Zombie Photo Contest?

Then listen well to our third personality on our judging panel: last year's female winner, Stacy aka. The Gothic Gourd Girl.

Since the age of 9, Stacy the Gothic Gourd Girl has been trans­form­ing her house, with the help of her entire fam­ily, into a haunted house for her com­munity to enjoy. Now this haunting craft whiz specializes in creating creepy floral arrangements and one-of-a-kind foam pumpkin sculptures through her website, where she also vends screen-printed apparel, haunt­ingly beau­ti­ful soaps, post­cards, and fine art with a macabre twist.

In addition to winning the title of Sexiest Female Zombie in 2011, Stacy has been featured on and will be working with the super folks at Lady Luck Pin Up’s to do some more zombie modelling, probably using her new line of creepy jewellery and hair fascinators as props.

Stacy is also working on designing and creating a Halloween dream wedding for a lovely couple in Prince Edward Island, writing an e-book about pumpkin carving, organizing a few carving workshops and parties for eager Halloween enthusiasts, and trying to finish her website.

Look for Stacy at this year's Locke Street Festival as well (Saturday, September 8th in Hamilton, ON)! Also, sign up for her free newsletter at for your chance to win an original carved foam pumpkin of your dreams...... or nightmares!

Judge Q & A

The Zed Word: What’s your favourite type of zombie?

Stacy: Tough question Zedward my friend! To make this question harder, I am a fickle zombie beauty queen, and it is my prerogative to change my mind according to my many moods. That being said, one of my favourite classic zombie movies (and zombie actors) is Fido. He is just such a dreamboat doll to watch, and I’m proud it is a good, completely under-rated Canadian zombie flick. On the other hand (if you have one), the other day I was feeling a bit more dead than usual (caused by eating the brains of a politician, which always leaves me with a horrid case of gut-rot) and I was in the mood to watch some real zombie mayhem: Planet Terror. Planet Terror sure doesn’t break any new zombie genre ground (my favourite zombie genre, by the way, is definitely a Sci-Fi medical infection plot of some sort), but Rose McGowan's beauty is one thing I can respect, with or without a case of indigestion.

ZW: As last year's winner, what advice do you give to this year's crop of contestants?

Stacy: First of all, spamming every single contact’s Facebook wall without permission is definitely going to get you a good slap on the wrist. I learned the hard way.

Rely on your creativity. Think outside of the grave. Oh, and don’t be a lonely and lost wondering zombie -- have some fun and enlist the help of your fiends for ideas, photo help, make-up, costumes or whatever! Do something different to make yourself stand out from the horde. Definitely do not think that overdosing on gore and over-clicking on the Photoshop blood splatter brushes is going to get my vote, for one. Your photo should tell a story, evoke some sort of emotion, or be thought provoking. Oh, and when you do go and start rounding up votes, be polite and ask before the mass spamming; just spam your closest ghouls because they won’t care, and apologise if you become a super pest. One last thought… a You-Tube clip, something viral and infectious, sounds very suiting for a zombie, don’t you think?

ZW: You're working on one of your gourds or floral arrangements and suddenly zombies attack! What's the first thing in reach you go for to defend yourself?

Stacy: In order for a zombie to sneak up on me, I would have to be creating a foam pumpkin sculpture using a loud power tool so that a zombie could approach without me hearing the usual tell-tale zombie moaning.

Unfortunately, although chicks using power tools is awesome, and I am proud to be one, the dremel bit I use is so tiny, the damage it could do to any undead opponent would amount to tickling. I would use the dremel bit on the concrete where I sit to work to create a spark, which would ignite the flammable glue that I would already have covered the zombie in using my lightning speed anime tornado skills. The offending zombie would go up in flames, and then, as it wanders around burning, I would switch the dremel bit to the custom-made zombie-killing circular razor-sharp saw-type goodness I always keep in my toolbox, because, as every good zombie hunter knows, if you don’t sever the head, you’re asking for serious trouble. I’d finish the job over the top of the plastic tarp I put down in my carving area to catch the foam bits. Doesn’t hurt to be deadly, stealth and efficient.

Winners in our second annual Sexy Zombie Photo Contest, will walk away with bragging rights as 2012's SEXIEST FEMALE or FEMALE ZOMBIE and an awesome zombie prize pack including free admission to SHOCK STOCK: Canada's Filthiest Horror Convention in 2013, horror magnets courtesy of The Butcher Shop, and a DVD copy of A Little Bit Zombie or Juan of the Dead!