August 30, 2012

Meet the Judges: Pornstar Lizzy Borden (Sexy Zombie Contest)

Today is almost over, and that leaves only one more day to enter our Sexy Zombie Photo Contest

Those who make it to the final round will have the pleasure of being judged of the sexy and the spooky star of adult entertainment Lizzy Borden.

Lizzy has been an owner and director in the adult industry for 15 years. She has directed over 100 movies and specializes in horror/sci fiction adult movies and indie horror movies. Recently, she has played Catwoman, the female Joker, Ms. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs, and Talia Al Ghul in the recent Birds of Prey XXX  porn parody.

She's even working on a The Walking Dead porn parody for release this Halloween season. 

Off screen, Lizzy feature dances all over the Untied States and the world. She tours with The Lizzy Borden Horror Show (a horror burlesque) and sometimes travels with her zombie girls as Lizzy Borden and the Zombie Girls Horror Burlesque Show. In addition, she's a SpooksModel for Evil Threads clothing and Goat Couture.

If that weren't enough, Lizzy's also been a co-host on the X Show and cover/centerfold in many magazines from adult to mainstream. She's also one tough cookie: she owns XPW wrestling and has been wrestling for 13 years now doing live events. She does death matches and has broken her ribs, taken chair shots to the head, gone through tables, and has even been lit on fire.

And if you can't tell, she's a major fan of horror!

Judge Q & A

The Zed Word: What's your favorite type of zombie?

Lizzy Borden: My favorite type of zombie is the OGl Night of the Living Dead by Romero. I like the slow zombies. I do not like the fast zombies although I highly appreciate the fast Zombies. And I loved Shaun of the Dead.
ZW: What horror movie slasher would you want to be around in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

LB: Geezzz that's kind of a hard question because I'm in love with Michael Myers and I do adore Freddy. I'm not too hip on Leatherface because I'm scared to death of the noise the chainsaw makes,  not the actual chainsaw itself. I find blades rather beautiful. If I were to pick old school slasher I got to go with Michael Myers but if I go new school slasher that is bad-ass with knives and killing, I would say Otis aka Bill Moseley from House of 1000 Corpses & Devil's Rejects plus that motherfucker was CHOPTOP!

"Lick my plate, you dog dick!"
ZW: You're working on the set filming a movie when zombies attack! What's the first thing in reach you go for to defend yourself?

LB: The first thing on set that I would grab If the zombies were attack is my axe.....

Check out Lizzy's free personal website and interact with her on Twitter @lizzyborden6, Facebook, and Instagram is lizzyborden6. 

Winners in our second annual Sexy Zombie Photo Contest, will walk away with bragging rights as 2012's SEXIEST FEMALE or FEMALE ZOMBIE and an awesome zombie prize pack including free admission to SHOCK STOCK: Canada's Filthiest Horror Convention in 2013, horror magnets courtesy of The Butcher Shop, and a DVD copy of A Little Bit Zombie or Juan of the Dead!