August 27, 2012

Meet the Judges: TANYA TATE (Pornstar and Cosplayer)

If you want to judge sexiness, you have to go to those who make sexiness their business.

Introducing the second "sexpert" on our Sexy Zombie Photo Contest panel, every superhero and anglophile's wet dream, the lovely Tanya Tate.

When the multi-award winning British star, Tanya Tate, made the leap “across the pond” and started to rock the American porn market, it was obvious there was no stopping her. Since then, she has grown from an adult actress to a sought-after-director, producer, and one of the hardest working businesswomen in the industry. Tanya maintains not one but two websites that reach fans all over the world. connects fans to hardcore Tanya Tate content. She also manages a “safe for-work” website,, where she shares her love of superheros and all things geeky.

 The three time Shafta Award winning Milf of the Year recently launched her own label, under which she sells DVDs of her most watched series the Tanya Tate Casting Couch. She has also joined the small group of top stars that have had a sex toy molded from their most intimate parts. The Tanya Tate Fleshlight launched in March 2012 and is now available for purchase. On top of her impressive career as an adult actress, she is also the owner and operator of the PR firm Star Factory PR. After acquiring the company that represents some of the hottest performers in porn, Tanya Tate has proved to be a remarkable success in all facets of the adult industry.

Judge Q & A

The Zed Word: What's your favorite zombie movie and why?

Tanya Tate: Night of the Living Dead. I have a confession to make: horror movies frighten me to death. I have a hard time watching anything post mid-70's. So I'll stick with a classic. When I am in the mood for a good horror movie, I watch Hammer Horror.

ZW: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what superhero would you want around to protect you?

TT: Iron Man. I'd want someone who could not get bit! Or Human Torch and have him make Zombie barbecue.

ZW: You're working on the set filming a movie when zombies attack! What's the first thing in reach you go for to defend yourself?

TT: A co-worker. LOL. No, I think there are plenty of things on a movie set I can find to club zombies with.

Tanya Tate will be making signing appearances in Los Angeles this September at the Comikaze and Power-Con conventions, and she's currently offering a cosplay photo book, Tanya Tate: My Life in Costume, through her website: You can also interact with Tanya on Twitter @TanyaTate!

Winners in our second annual Sexy Zombie Photo Contest, will walk away with bragging rights as 2012's SEXIEST FEMALE or FEMALE ZOMBIE and an awesome zombie prize pack including free admission to SHOCK STOCK: Canada's Filthiest Horror Convention in 2013 and a DVD copy of A Little Bit Zombie or Juan of the Dead!