August 6, 2012

Zombie Sexploitation Posters: A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD

The great thing about zombie sexploitation posters and movie artwork is that they don't come along that often, and sometimes when they do, they aren't even really zombie movies at all.

Take Une Vierge Chez Les Morts Vivans, aka. A Virgin Among The Living Dead, for example. This amazing poster art hints at all kinds of salacious undead luridness. Zombies, ghouls, vampires, and necrotic demons right out of Dungeons and Dragons pour out of a Gothic castle to terrorize a nubile young woman who's wandered in off the paperback cover art from an erotic pulp novel.

As is usually the case, nothing so taboo takes place in the movie as depicted here, and this 1973 film's zombie connections are tenuous at best. By all accounts, the movie -- also known as Christine, Princess of Eroticism -- is quite disappointing. But as an example of zombie sexploitation artwork, this poster is the tops!