August 21, 2012

Zombie Sexploitation Posters: Zombie Lake

Will you look at this zombie here. That expression on his face tells me that he's seeing his first set of boobs ever. The awkwardness jumps right off the page.

Welcome to Zombie Lake. Boobs, zombies, and Nazis. Yup, you've completed your exploitation Bingo card.

Zombie Lake, aka Le Lac Des Morts Vivants, is one of the most laughable European movies to latch itself to the zombie craze in 1980's. The makeup is strictly amateur hour, and many of the lake scenes are clearly shot in a swimming pool. It even failed to be thoroughly sexploitative. Several topless and nude scenes were reshot to cover up the girls. Tough break.

Fun fact: the director of this pile, Jean Rollin, is sometimes credited under the supremely cooler name J.A LASER, and he directed the dream sequence from our previous Zombie Sexploitation Inductee: A Virgin Among the Living Dead