September 25, 2012


After less than a month of public voting, The Zed Word is proud to announce this year's three highest-scoring finalists competing for the title of 2012's Sexiest Female Zombies!

And they are:

#1.) ECHO (173 out of 913 votes)

#2.) MORRIGHAN (147 out of 913 votes)

#3.) LOVINA (144 out of 913 votes) 

In this, our final round, Echo, Morrighan, and Lovina will find their fates in the hands of our panel of zombie sexperts: zombie artist Rob Sacchetto, special makeup effects artist Carlos Henriques, 2011's sexiest female zombie winner Stacy (aka. Gothic Gourd Girl), and adult film entertainers Lizzy Borden and Tanya Tate. Each judge will cast a vote for their favorite, and the gore-gous undead contestant with the most votes will be crowned SEXIEST FEMALE ZOMBIE of 2012!

Stay tuned to The Zed Word for the results. The winner will be announced on October 1st!