September 12, 2012

September 22nd - Zombie Party at J. H. Gordon Books in Hamilton

Zombie fans of Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding area, clear your schedules for September 22, 2012! 

You will want to be first one in the door at the zombie party taking place at J.H. Gordon Books (314 King St. East) for the signing of the new book Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies by Victoria Dunn!

During all this awesomosity, get your hands on Victoria Dunn's Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, a quirky urban fantasy / romance / action / adventure story of the supernatural and bog snorkeling.


The World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales is being menaced by shambling hordes of the undead. Fortunately for bog sport enthusiasts, Alice, the former telephone psychic, and Welly, the mostly indestructible man, head up Odyssey International's Enforcement branch, dedicated to stomping out the supernatural. But they might not even make it to Wales after a fervent zombie rights activist stows his zombie best friend in the plane's luggage compartment. Now the zombie plague is spreading at 25,000 feet, complicated by the moral dilemma that zombies just might be people too! Decaying, infectious, bitey people...


Author(s) Bio

Victoria Higgins and Meghan Dunn
When author Victoria Dunn’s not busy writing, she's the ultimate Bond girl: intelligent, accomplished and stunningly beautiful. She doesn't just blow smoke off her pistol—she blows smoke rings.

In a parallel universe, Victoria Dunn is the evil hive mind of Victoria Higgins, stand-up comic and tree-hating pagan, and Meghan Dunn, Sunday School teacher and reading tutor.

A pseudo army brat, Victoria was born in Montreal, but moved to Toronto to do a specialist in Religious Photo © Victoria Dunn Studies, a major in Sociology and a minor in Anthropology at the University of Toronto. She then moved back to Montreal to pursue a Masters at McGill University, and finally settled in Ottawa, where she now works at Collected Works Bookstore. She performs comedy with Stand Up for Mental Health.

Meghan gave up life south of the border for Ottawa early on, eventually going on to study Classics at Ottawa University. She then stepped up to a dual life as a seller extraordinaire at the Silver Snail comic book shop and a Communications Reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces. Now married, she still lives in Ottawa with her two kids and small zoo.

Both Higgins and Dunn insist that “Zombies are people, too! And now, the truth about people of decomposition can finally be told. Zombies enjoy delivering mail, watching TV, and pose absolutely no danger to the public. If they do attempt to eat your brain, don’t panic. They’ll never gnaw through your cranium.”