October 15, 2012

Agent 23's "Shambles" is a Music Video For Zombie Fans

Blogging about zombies in popular culture, I see a lot of music videos featuring zombies. Usually, it's a ploy to attract attention to songs that have nothing to do with zombies. Occasionally, however, a music video like Agent 23's "Shambles" comes along with a catchy hook, great production values, and above all else a clear knowledge and love of zombie movies.

"Shambles" is the newest release off of Agent 23's "Monkeywrench" (now available on iTunes and CDBaby). Agent 23, who is known for being a family-friendly hip-hop artist in Asheville, North Carolina under the name Agent 23 Skidoo, goes PG-13 in this gory vid where he raps about zombies and zombie movies while he tries to survive an attack by the walking dead. In tight, inspired lyrics, Agent 23 drops references to George A. Romero, Simon Pegg (of Shaun of the Dead), and even Sam Raimi while poking some good-natured fun at zombie movie cliches.

The video itself, directed and produced by Troy Scott Burnette, makes use of zombie extras from the Asheville Zombie Walk (I think), and some gory makeup and gut effects to back the video with some real zombie cred. Clearly created by zombie fans for zombie fans.