October 30, 2012

I MARRIED A ZOMBIE (My Zombie Walk Wedding)

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 was a nice day for a zombie wedding as I married my beautiful wife Tina Hall at the end of the 6th annual Hamilton Zombie Walk.

The Ghoulish Groom and Bloody Bride

It was a grey, dreary day in Hamilton, Ontario, marked by rain and cold -- a perfect day for the dead to rise from their crypts in search of brains. Although the walk didn't begin until 2pm at Gore Park, our day began much earlier when we woke at 8am to start getting prepared for our makeup regime. First, my parents and brother (who flew all the way from BC to indulgent their son in his dorky behavior) had to have prosthetics and gory temporary tattoos applied. Tina's daughter also had to be fitted for her zombie Dorothy costume, with a red-stained wig and all. Then we had to pile into our rental van with zombie walk after party supplies to check into The Sheraton Hotel (where a much more traditional wedding was occupying much of the building in contrast to our macabre merriment).

Blood is thicker than water.
The Makeup

We enlisted our friend Kristen Demelo, the makeup and SPFX artist behind Punch Zombie FX, to give us the right zombie look for our big day. Also in the makeup seat were Tina's bridesmaids Carolyn and Megan, who were set for identical "Dia de los Muertos" skull makeup. As we faced a time crunch in order to get to the walk on time, Kristen put her full skill set on display by turning us into digusting mangled members of the walking dead in quick succession.

After my chance encounter with a meat grinder
Megan gets the Candy Skull Treatment
Kristen (far right) poses with her unholy creations
(L-R: Me, Carolyn, Zombie Dorthy (in front), Megan, Tina, Kristen)
The Wardrobe

As they always say, clothes make the zombie. For her big day on the undead alter, Tina wore a fabulous Night of the Living Dead print dress from Blackbird Studios with veil and accessories designed by Stacy from Gothicgourds.com. Her bridesmaids wore matching skull-print dresses also from Blackbird Studios whereas I rocked a simple Horror in the Hammer t-shirt, black blazer, and black dress pants (a very similar outfit to the one I wore when I first met Tina).

In addition, Tina and I sshambled on pairs of custom-painted converse shoes created by our friend Carla Tilt of TILTED SHOES. Specializing in hand-painted, one-of-a-kind footwear, Carla created for me a pair of shoes depicting a lone survivor trying to outurn a city of the living dead while Tina wore a pair of converse adorned with severed heads and guts.

The Walk

Because of the rain, Gore Park was a sea of zombies with umbrellas, but we were very happy to see all the diehard fans of the zombie walk come out to celebrate the art of zombie makeup and performance with us. It looks like some zombies got lost along the way or were beaten down by the rain, but most were able to join us at Bayfront Park for the big day. Extra care was taken to keep Tina and I under umbrellas so our makeup would last until the end of the walk where we stood before our friends, families, and like-minded fiends in an exchange of body parts and heart-felt vows. Our good friend Rufus of The noble Savages was there to act as our zombie officiant and read a zombie ceremony full of cheesy horror puns while I was flanked by local horror icon John Migliore, a professional zombie actor and super nice guy.

"Do you AARON take TINA to be your bloody bride,
to have and to hold for all the night, dawn, and day of your lives,
in sickness and plague, in head shot and beheading, 
until death does its part?"
 I did.
John Migliore (right): Best (Zombie) Man
 The After Parties (and BRAINS!)

Eager to get out of the rain and the cold, we returned to our hotel room to warm up before hitting dinner at Mex-I-Can and making off for This Ain't Hollywood to attend the Hamilton Zombie Walk after party. In addition to our raffle table full of amazing prizes and costume contest, The noble Savages tore up the scenery with an unpredictably raucous free performance!

Of course, no zombie party is complete without a helping of brains! So we brought along a vegan Brain Cake to share with all our friends and even some hungry strangers.

Late into the night, we stayed to party. Following the first performance, zombies and fellow costumed weirdos were treated to performances by KRYPTCREEPER, JUMPLE, and THE POISONED AEROES before the night was through.

 The Horror Honeymoon

Tomorrow, Tina and I will be going on a honeymoon to hell as we travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to take in the horror hotspots including Eli Roth's Goretorium, Evil Dead: The Musical, and -- of course -- The Zombie Apocalypse Store. Look for more on that in the coming weeks as I report back from Sin City on all our favorite sites!