October 4, 2012

I'm Getting Zombie Married

Hello zombie fans and readers! If you've noticed that posts have been fewer this month, it's because I'm in the process of gearing up to marry my amazing girlfriend Tina -- and we're having a zombie wedding ceremony!

Aaron and Tina Portrait by Rob Sacchetto at Zombieportraits.com
There are many reasons why I love Tina and want to spend the rest of my life (and undeath) with her, but among them is the fact that we met and bonded over horror movies. Tina's the kind of woman who will go weak in the knees when the blood pours from the elevator in The Shining. Her eyes light up when Otis leaps down from the cross in House of 1000 Corpses. One of our first conversations focused on our love for The Evil Dead, and from then on I knew she was the one. As zombie fans, we've decided to tie the intestinal knot and proclaim our undying love for each other during a zombie ceremony surrounded by family and friends at the end of the 2012 Hamilton Zombie Walk.

In addition to our wedding, I'm also on the organizing team for the Hamilton Zombie Walk, so I'm going to be pretty busy this October. However, in the lead up to Halloween, expect weekly updates about our upcoming zombie nuptials and a spot light on lots more zombie-themed wedding content.

If you want to come out and wish us well in person, consider this your open invitation to attend The Hamilton Zombie Walk in Hamilton, ON on October 27, 2012!