November 7, 2012

Forgotten Zombie Movies Unearthed in ZOMBI MEXICANO

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the zombie genre, but there's even stuff that I don't know, and one of those areas I'm fairly ignorant about is the world of Mexican and Guatemalan zombie movies.

Thankfully, there's ZOMBI MEXICANO by Keith J. Rainville to shed light on these foreign zombie movies of the 1970s.

Available in a limited boutique run of 250 copies, Rainville's exploration of Mexican zombie horror is available from the publisher for only $20 at Not sold in stores or elsewhere online.

According to the press release:
Zombies crawl out of gothic catacombs and use karate on superheroes, the undead torture kidnapped villagers with electric cattle prods in a mad scientist’s dungeon laboratory, a zombified wrestler called Satan comes back from the dead for a grudge match with the grandson of his old ring rival. 
All these outre gongs-on and more happened in a series of films shot in Mexico and Guatemala in the 1970s, comprising a sub-genre of zombie cinema often overlooked by fans and horror film historians alike.
ZOMBI MEXICANO also features

• Over 150 photos and illustrations rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere: on-set press photos, poster art, clamshell VHS packaging and more.

• An emphasis on the masks, make-up and creature effects that created screen zombies decades ahead of their time.

• Seven full movie reviews of films like LAS MOMIAS DE GUANJUATO and its sequels, which despite the oft misinterpreted term "momia" (mummified or preserved corpse) are indeed full-on zombie flicks.

• A contrasting look at the more familiar Aztec Mummy series and a string of B&W-era effects-heavy horror films that contributed to the visual vocabulary of the 70′s Mexican zombie.

• A feature on zombies in EC-style vintage Mexican horror comics.

• Just a ton… A TON… of Mexican zombies -- from undead wrestlers to mad monks to necrotic slave labor under the shackles of black-magic -- and some ghastly imagery of the actual mummified corpses of Guanajuato that inspired the films.

Get your copy of ZOMBI MEXICANO before the stock is gone!