January 10, 2013

First Look at PROJECT ZOMBIE: A Revolutionary Interactive Zombie Movie

Do you have what it takes to make the right choices to survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, get ready to prove it with the world's first HTML 5-based interactive zombie apocalypse experience: PROJECT ZOMBIE

This morning, the makers of Project Zombie launched the official teaser trailer for the upcoming interactive project that promises to give zombie fans a new interactive horror experience. This "one minute festival of guts and burning zombie flesh" makes no bones about it: Project Zombie is an ambitious zombie twist on choose-your-own-adventure books built for the web.

"...a multimedia experience, unlike any other."

Matt K. Firpo, the creator and director of Project Zombie, explains in more detail what users can expect when the movie launches in full:

"Project Zombie.TV is a choose-your-own-adventure multimedia experience, based in an HTML5 framework - that allows for full-screen interactive viewing. It's been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advancements in coding language that astronomically enhance what a website is capable of, and of a browser experience in general. Specifically, in displaying seamlessly in a clean full-screenable UI, the project as the viewer dictates the story branches. With an expansive story scope, grisly production value, and an arts-based approach - this is the Zombie movie, as imagined as new media cinema. With broad sharability, replayability, and immersive interactivity, Project Zombie is a multimedia experience, unlike any other."

 "It's the evolution of the CYOA books from our childhoods, with zombies."

Of course, Project Zombie is not the first CYOA zombie project to come along. One calls to mind the incredibly fun interactive Youtube movie Deliver me to Hell in 2010, created by Last of the Living director Logan McMillan as a viral marketing campaign for Hell Pizza.

"Project Zombie separates itself from other CYOA projects, in its less traditional CHOICE system - also known as Event Points," explains Firpo by email. "The story is built in a branching algorithm that allows for THREE choices every 30-45 seconds in the story, with each choice effectively creating an entirely new storyline for the viewer to watch/play/experience. We have created entire swathes of material that effectively will not be seen by most viewers the first time they watch it. It is also built on a patently minimalistic user interface, there is not video scrolling bar, in fact, there's almost nothing. The site's Heads Up Display fades out as the video starts, and only returns when paused - choices present themselves IN CONTEXT - in the video: Want to grab the bat? As the text option unfolds, click it to branch the story forwards, with 4 separate endings (and 7 possible deaths) this is a scope that hasn't been explored before, it's the evolution of the CYOA books from our childhoods, with zombies."

 Be on the lookout for updates! Like Project Zombie on Facebook and visit www.projectzombie.tv for more information.

Soon, the story will be in your hands.