January 14, 2013

GOREGOUS & GORY: A Sexy Zombie Calendar for 2013

GORGEOUS & GORY is back with a new sexy zombie calendar for 2013, offering wet and wild zombie mermaids for every month of the year.

New for 2013, Gorgeous & Gory offers 28 full-colour pages of aquatic beauty with an undead bite. These 13 sexy sirens will take your breath away and drag you to a watery grave, and you'll love every second of it. Gorgeous & Gory's new calendar combines the beautiful with the gruesome, a perfect package for checking off the days to the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You'll want to be under the sea with these shapely gilled ghouls until the end of time. 

Pick up your 2013 Gorgeous & Gory calendar and meet all the models at www.gorgeousandgory.com