February 1, 2013

Mail Order Zombie Hits Episode 200

Our very good friends at the Mail Order Zombie podcast have hit yet another milestone in their podcasting career. Today marks the release of Mail Order Zombie #200.

Download Episode #200 here!
In Episode 200, the Mail Order Zombie Family turns the tables on Brother D and Miss Bren by sending in their own interview questions for the two co-hosts, but that's all at the end of the show. Before the Feedback Discussion, Brother D reviews the short movie 2 Hours (dir. Michael Ballif), Terror Haute Kent reviews Warm Bodies (dir. Jonathan Levine), Silent Death reviews the novelizations of the Resident Evil film franchise, Miss Bren settles in for a spoilerific discussion of [REC] 3: GĂ©nesis, the open nomination period for the 5th Annual Dead Letter Awards kicks off, and . . . Brother D comes clean.
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