February 11, 2013

Preview: BOMBSHELL BLOODBATH Embraces Fulci and 70s Euro Horror

If you're a fan of Lucio Fulci zombie movies or films inspired by Euro horror of the 1970s, then keep your trauma-prone eyes out for a new zombie film coming down the pipeline: BOMBSHELL BLOODBATH written and directed by Brett Mullen and Sky Tilley.

Bombshell Bloodbath- "The Attic Scene" from Brett Mullen on Vimeo.

Bombshell Bloodbath concerns the daughter of a brilliant scientist who is exposed to her father's experimental treatments designed to re-animate his wife. The movie follows her as her brain collapses and she becomes a zombie.
Director Brett Mullen, a native of Pulteney, NY, explains that most of the zombies to appear in the film are corpses dug up by the scientist as part of his experiments.

"The FX on these zombies are heavily layered to give the audience a dirty/rotting/vine tangled zombie more like Zombi 2 or Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things," Mullen explains. "Another addition I think is pretty fantastic is the neon purple chemical that oozes out of the undead. It makes for a great effect when, lets say, someone is sneaking in an old gas station to find help and all you see is a a little spec of neon purple in the pitch black behind them."

Mullen, who is currently shooting in North Carolina, was inspired to make films by movies such as Dawn of the Dead and Zombi. He made his first movie in his backyard at the age of 14: a zombie animal revenge film called Deer of the Dead.

Bombshell Bloodbath stars Alexander Elliot, Rob Springer, Samantha Mills, Jess Barbour and Larry Parks.

Official website: www.facebook.com/thedriveinfilmseries