February 10, 2013

Support ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ZOMBIES for Great Perks

The Kickstarter campaign for the self-published book All My Friend Are Zombies has successfully met its fundraising goal, but you still have six days to contribute and reap some pretty sweet zombie perks.

Contribute today for your chance to claim some of these perks:
  • Your Name in the Book
    Once All My Friends are Zombies is published, your name will appear in the acknowledgments section.
  • Thank You Note
    A hand written letter of the deepest thanks sent from me to you. 
  • Sticker Set
    A set of 3 1in x 1in stickers that reads "All My Friends are Zombies!"
  • An Awesome Printable Zombie Action Figure
    This little guy stands about 3 inches tall and though he may be cute, he has a bit of a bite. I recommend using heavier paper to print your new zombie friend on as it will make the folds hold a bit better as well as make him a little more durable.   
  • The Book Signed by Author (limited edition kickstarter green)
    The Book itself in all its printed glory. An addition to your bookshelf that you yourself helped make a reality. Each book that is sent to a Kickstarter backer will be a limited edition and include a signature from me thanking you for helping make my work become a reality. 
  • A Limited Edition Poster
    A signed and numbered poster of your choice. These posters will ONLY be printed for the people who back the book. After they're printed they will never be available again.
  • A Poster of Your Favorite Zombie
    You will be able to choose any illustration from the hoard to keep as your own. The poster will be sent to you numbered and signed by the author. 
  • T-Shirt
    An All My Friends are Zombies T-shirt! Proudly display to the world that you have friends of a different kind! Available in sizes SM to LG, add $8.00 for sizes above. Survive the apocalypse in style!
  • YOU in the Book Illustrated as a Zombie!
    Send me a headshot of yourself, fill out the questionnaire, and you can see yourself in all your zombie brilliance within the pages of the book! 
  • A Poster of YOU as a Zombie!
    Sure, your skin may be grey, you may be missing a few teeth, and your skin my be torn in a few places, but you love how you look! You'll receive a one of a kind print of you as a zombie that you can display to the world.