April 9, 2013

Canadian Indie Gorefest MULCH to Premiere @ SHOCK STOCK

As part of our ongoing Shock Stock coverage, I got an advance chance to see a brand new Canadian B-movie called MULCH that's having its World Premiere at Shock Stock on Saturday, April 12th. 

Mulch isn't a zombie film, but it's full of everything  B-movie horror fans love: blood, guts, gore, and laughs. I really enjoyed this little independent slice of sleazy cinema and have posted my thoughts over at Horror in the Hammer. Click For Review.


When a young Lance is forced to deal with the sudden death of his parents and witnesses the brutal murders of his closest friends, he does what any normal teen would… block out the memories.

But such sadistic memories cannot be repressed forever. Tortured by hellish nightmares and flashbacks over ten years after the events, he seeks the help of psychiatrist Dr. Darnell, who decides that the only way for Lance to come to terms with his fears is to face them head on and revisit the scene where it all took place.

Accompanied by some of the Doctor's more eccentric patients, they soon find out that Lance’s troubles are anything but buried in the past… in fact, not only have his troubles been waiting for him, they can’t wait to turn Lances fears into an unthinkable reality.

286 Productions presents its first feature length movie, MULCH. Written and Directed by Frank Popp Jr., MULCH is an “in your face” horror/comedy that pulls no punches and proudly adheres to the traditions of the traditional sleazy B-Horror genre. In that noble tradition, it features: ball-busting dick punches, big boobs, car flips, vomit, decapitations, amputations, and over 80 gallons of fake blood. This movie will disgust and titillate you at the same time…whenever you can stop laughing.