April 10, 2013

Help Fund ZOMBIE BLACK Playing Cards

Here's a cool project for all you playing cards fans. Warpunk Games is offering you the chance to help fund Zombie Black, a run of special poker-sized playing cards with a eye-catching Gothic art and a subtle zombie influence.

By contributing to Warpunk's Zombie Black Kickstarter, you can get your mitts on a deck of these blood-splattered, limited-run cards adorned in gorgeous metallic silver and red ink. Not only this, but you can also get exclusive add-ons such as dice, dealer buttons, prints, and more!

Zombie Black is the design brain-child of Brian Lee, a graphic designer and game board enthusiast. Embarking on his dream of starting up his own game design company, Lee has spent months designing these striking poker cards. Not only are Lee's cards eerie and gothic, each of the face cards also tells a story of how each King, Queen and Jack fell to the hands of the undead. Or, in the case of the King of Hearts, rose to become the Slayer King.

There's still time! Don't delay. Make your contribution to the ZOMBIE BLACK KICKSTARTER