April 18, 2013

SHOCK STOCK - Celebrity Snapshots

Last week at the Shock Stock subculture weekend and VHS tape swap in London, Ontario, I got the chance to meet and talk with a roster of iconic legends from the cult, sexploitation, and genre film world.

Here's a round of snapshots from the convention floor.


 Making her first Canadian appearance at Shock Stock, Christina Lindberg was without a doubt the most anticipated guest of the weekend. This voluptuous actress from Sweden known for sexploitation roles and revenge movies like Thriller aka. They Call Her One-Eye, Maid in Sweden, and Anita was the subject of a theatrical career retrospective and Q&A at the Rainbow Cinemas on Saturday night. At her table, Lindberg was kind, generous, and definitely the talk of Shock Stock. Aside from being a wildlife advocate and journalist in Sweden, look for Lindberg's return to film with her cameo in the upcoming Cry for Revenge.


The maniac is back! Maniac Cop star Robert Z'dar also makes his first Canadian convention appearance in London, Ontario for Shock Stock. After battling cancer, Z'dar is getting back in the saddle with roles in films such as Monsters on Main Street, A Blood Story, The Mob, and Precious Mettle. Could Z'dar also be joining the Human Centipede franchise? Click here for more.


We were all lucky to have legendary actor Patricia Quinn (Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) at Shock Stock! On Friday, Quinn kicked off a raucous screening of Rocky Horror with a Q&A and was on-hand for the whole weekend to take photographs and sign pictures with her fans.


Everyone wanted to play with Naomi Grossman who portrayed the microcephalic Pepper on American Horror Story: Asylum. Grossman sat down with James Bialkowski for a Q&A about her career, finding the character of Pepper through her makeup and researching Tod Browning's Freaks, and the up-swell of fan support for her character on the internet.


Master of filth and director of Bloodsucking Freaks, Joel M. Reed made his first Canadian convention appearance at Shock Stock and made a surprise announcement. Taking the audience hostage at the end of Naomi Grossman's panel, Reed revealed that he and Canadian fringe filmmaker Michael MagGot will be teaming up to make a new gross-out flick in London, Ontario called SNIFF

Also pictured: Christopher Harrison, Carlos Henriques, and Marty Birthelmer
With little more than a week before the premiere of Night of the Living Dead Live, the new stage production of Night of the Living Dead in Toronto, producers and original NOTLD creators John Russo and Russ Streiner were on hand at Shock Stock heaping praise on all the hard work and talent behind the project. Get your opening night tickets today at http://nightofthelivingdeadlive.com


Lovely as ever, Lynn Lowry (star of The Crazies, Shivers, and The Theatre Bizarre) met her fans and helped promote her ongoing work in new genre films such as I Spill Your Guts and Torture Chamber.